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Which Car Diagnostic Tool Should I Choose?

Car Diagnostics

Which Car Diagnostic Tool Should I Choose?

car diagnostic tools

Diagnostic tools are essential accessories for quickly detecting a possible anomaly in a car and being able to correct it if necessary. Many models are available on the market, each tool has different functionality and at very variable prices. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the right tool at the best value for money.


In order to carry out the diagnosis of a car, it is necessary to use an auto diagnostic case. It is a very important accessory for ensuring good management of the electronic systems onboard a vehicle.

This tool facilitates the repair of modern vehicles because they have more and more technology and it is more difficult to identify the source of breakdowns. Also called “fault code reader”, it offers an in-depth analysis of the functions of a vehicle and quickly identifies the slightest malfunction as well as its origin. This helps prevent the occurrence of failure. This software-equipped device plugs directly into the car using a standard OBD2 connector with 16 pins.

An auto diagnostic case takes the form of a box with a black and white or color screen depending on the model. In addition, it has a classic key system (up, down, right, left).

There are many variations of this tool with different degrees of accuracy and varying prices. For example, some recent suitcases are equipped with the best technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi to download additional software or applications.


In order to choose the right diagnostic case, you have to find the one that best suits the vehicle in question and its type of engine. There are two types of cases: those with a box specific to each brand and those with so-called “universal” multi-brand boxes.

For an individual, the auto diagnostic case dedicated to the brand of his vehicle is the best option. However, for professional use, it is strongly recommended to opt for a multi-brand diagnostic box. Indeed, this type of box is universal and will adapt to all types of vehicles, regardless of their make and model.

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To choose the best diagnostic tool for your car, you must clearly identify your needs and turn to the more ergonomic models on the market. We invite you to favor multi-brand boxes to be able to use the latter on any type of vehicle during your interventions.

According to the latest tests carried out for the year 2020, here are the top 6 of the most efficient models:

  1. The Ultimate Diag One case from Self Auto Diag: it is a multi-brand diagnostic case guaranteed for 2 years.
  2. The Autophix OM126 case: with a color screen, it is also multi-brand.
  3. The Launch X431 V + suitcase: equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, it can analyze the condition of more than 68 vehicle brands including American, European and Asian models.
  4. The AQV OBD2 case: it has a multi-brand auto diagnostic device.
  5. The Self Auto Diag Ultimate Diag Pro case: built in the form of an 8-inch tablet, it also allows multibrand diagnosis.
  6. The Foxwell OBD2 suitcase: equipped with a color screen, it analyzes gasoline and diesel vehicles as well as American and Asian cars.


Depending on the characteristics of your diagnostic tool, prices vary significantly. Indeed, the first models are around $ 40 while for models using advanced technologies, it takes between $ 200 and $ 500.

Note that the price of the auto diagnostic case includes the price of the software which is directly integrated into the box.

Car diagnostic tools are necessary equipment to have in your garage to be able to quickly identify malfunctions on a vehicle. They allow mechanics to save time and have an overview of the state of health of a car.


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