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All You Need to Know About the ENET Cable for BMW Coding and Diagnostics

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All You Need to Know About the ENET Cable for BMW Coding and Diagnostics

bmw car coding


Generally, car coding is the process of unlocking certain functionalities in the car that were not made available by the manufacturer in certain locations – due to local restrictions, regulations, and other reasons. Car coding allows users to access and make use of functionalities that have already been pre-programmed in the car’s software system. Car coding is also used to disable certain functions that were enabled by default when it left the factory. So, technically, car coding does not really introduce any new changes to the car’s software system, rather it enables or disables certain functionalities and options that have already been installed or programmed within the car’s system. 

With car coding, car owners can go beyond the current restrictions of their vehicles and configure settings or functionalities to their own preferences. Car owners can code their vehicles to switch from Euro-style to US-style daytime running lights, set up start/stop systems, adjust the automatic door-lock system at a certain speed, enable sports mode and other hidden modes, change the chimes and bells of their cars, and many more!  


BMW coding is the process of changing the basic functionalities or operations of a specific module or component of your vehicle. The process changes the parameters of your vehicle that controls certain functions of your BMW modules – such as turning on or off the folding mirrors, double honk, tail lights with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and many more! Mainly, BMW coding refers to the process of applying minor changes to your car’s software system in order to unlock certain features and functionalities that have been pre-programmed in your BMW.

BMW programming, on the other hand,  goes through a more sophisticated process than BMW coding. It normally involves applying major changes to your car software system like introducing new hardware or loading new functionalities or operations that were not pre-programmed to your BMW’s system. BMW programming is recommended for advanced users and should not be attempted without proper training or experience.  


Here are some tips before you get started with BMW coding:

1. Get Familiar with the Process

BMW car coding is a complex process that should not be taken lightly. One wrong move and you’ll end up bricking your car. Before you get started you need to fully understand the coding process. By understanding the coding process, you’ll be able to identify the functions and features best suited for your car model. You’ll also be able to determine the limitations of your vehicle and learn how to correctly enable or disable these features according to your preferences. You can check out some get-started guides from BMW coding forums such as Bimmerfest

2. Get the Proper Coding Tools

Car coding makes use of the vehicle’s OBD-II port to connect and access the vehicle’s software system. To do this, you will need a cable adapter, a laptop computer, and dedicated BMW coding software. The cable adapter to use depends on the car model. For the older BMW models, such as the E-series models, you will need the K+DCAN USB adapter. For the newer BMW models, such as the F/I/G-series models, you will need the ENET cable. Check out this guide for more info: What Cable Adapter Should You Use for BMW Coding?

3. Download and Install the Correct Software

The cable adapters themselves are useless without the dedicated BMW coding software. There are many BMW coding software available online that offer various features depending on the car model and specific need. So in order to identify the correct BMW software to use, you need to have a better grasp of your car model and the particular functions that you want to apply or unlock via coding.    

To learn more on how to download, install and use the specific BMW coding software for your needs, you can check out this forum thread

4. Make Use of BMW Coding Cheat Sheet

The BMW coding cheat sheet is a compilation of codes and functionalities gathered by experienced coders over time. The cheat sheet serves as a guide that determines which particular codes to configure in order to enable or disable certain functionalities on a specific car model. Here are some BMW Cheat Sheets available online:

5. Prepare a Stable Power Source

Continous uninterrupted connection is vital when doing coding work. Once the connection is interrupted while in the middle of the coding process, there’s a high chance that you will brick your car’s software system. Thus, you must make sure that your cable connection with your computer and vehicle has not been tampered with and has access to a stable power source. 


The ENET cable adapter is built with an RJ45 Ethernet connector that connects to your computer’s ethernet port on one side and a 16-pin connector that connects to your vehicle’s OBD port on the other side. The ENET cable connection is needed to access your car’s system and run the coding software on the computer that you’ve connected to your vehicle. 

You can buy the ENET cable on Amazon:

These tools come in handy with the ENET cable when doing some coding work:

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

The ENET cable is primarily used for coding F-Series, I-Series, and G-Series BMW models. Below is the complete list of BMW models compatible with the ENET cable:

  • 1-Series – F20/F21, F40, F52
  • 2- Series – F22/F23, F45/F46, F44
  • 3-Series – F30/F31/F34/F35, M3, G20/G21
  • 4-Series – F32/F33/F36, G22/G23/G26
  • 5-Series – F10/F11/F07/F18, G30/G31
  • 6-Series – F06/F12/F13, G32
  • 7-Series – F01/F02/F03/F04, G11/G12
  • X3 – F25, G01, G08
  • X4 – F26, G02
  • X5 – F15, F85, G05, X5 M
  • X6 – X6 M
  • Mini – Z3: 2014+ Mini Cooper (all variants with iDrive controller)
  • i3 – all variants
  • i8 – all variants


Finding the correct BMW coding software and tools for the ENET cable can be quite tricky if you’re not that familiar with the cable adapter. Below is the list of software and tools mainly used with the ENET cable:

1. E-sys

E-sys is the coding software primarily recommended when it comes to coding F-Series, I-Series, and G-Series BMW models. It’s the most popular coding software paired with the ENET cable. E-sys is commonly used for unlocking features such as open voice recognition function, lock/unlock sound confirmation, display engine output and torque meter, turn off engine start-stop, and many more!  

Here are the resources that you need for E-sys:   

2. PSdZData

The PSdZData is a data pack needed when running the E-sys software. It contains the ECU Data Files for coding, flashing, and updating firmware using E-sys. PSdZData has two versions – the PSdZData Lite and the PSdZData Full. 

PSdZData Lite has about 25% less file size than PSdZData Full. It contains the files needed for coding but excludes the flash firmware files for flashing or programming. If you wish to acquire the data pack for coding, you only need to have the PSdZData Lite. However, if you want to do more, like flashing or programming, then the PSdZData Full is what you should have.      

3. ISTA+

ISTA+, also known as ISTA/D or Rheingold, is a BMW software used for diagnostics, coding, and programming. It can be used for diagnostics on all known BMW models. The diagnostics functions that it can perform include troubleshooting, vehicle management and identification, repair and maintenance guide, and software repair. It’s used for coding to unlock various vehicle functions. It is also used for flashing or programming to apply software updates, control unit replacement, retrofits, and conversions. 


BMW coding is a risky process and should only be attempted by people who know what they are doing. If you are still new to BMW coding and not that familiar with the entire process, you can seek help from remote coding service providers. With remote coding services, they can do the specific coding for you for a certain fee. Here are some BMW remote coding services that you can find online:

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While doing some coding work, you can also add some extra style to your BMW with these accessories.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


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