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How to Update on a Diagnostic Case?

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How to Update on a Diagnostic Case?

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Cars are constantly being modified by dealers since the software used is more and more efficient. It is therefore wise to be rigorous when installing updates because they are essential to detect new bugs for example. Depending on your hardware, you need to take out a subscription, which allows you to have software out of the box.


When you buy a diagnostic kit or software to use with a computer or even a Smartphone, you must find out about the program dedicated to updates. In certain cases, they are free and offered directly on the manufacturer’s site as is envisaged for drivers dedicated to computers or even smartphones. In parallel, the service may be chargeable, this is envisaged at Launch which remains the leader in this field since it offers suitcases for the general public and professionals, there are also semi-pro models which are quite efficient.

  • When you buy your diagnostic case, you have the classic price which does not necessarily take into account the cost of the updates.
  • You must therefore take out a subscription generally billed between 150 and 200 dollars.
  • This subscription is only offered for one year and if you want to extend it, you have to pay again.
  • This process is a bit expensive, but you are sure to have official updates that do not undermine your diagnostic case.

You have to be careful with the updates available on the web because you are not sure that they are virus-free. As with computers and mobile ecosystems, you should focus on software developed by manufacturers.

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When you have identified which updates are compatible with your car, you can move on to installation and it is relatively straightforward, but the process is basically dependent on your hardware. Indeed, if you have software installed on a USB key, for example, you must download the new version by installing it on this small box that communicates with your Smartphone or your computer. It’s quite simple, but be very careful, as we have made clear, do not go for parallel solutions that could harm your car.

For traditional suitcases, you have a process that looks like the one identified for cell phones. So you need to go to the settings and select the updates to look for. In a few seconds, it is possible to download them by connecting the suitcase to a computer for example, especially if you have a program linked to a subscription. It’s simple, fast, and above all very effective.


If you intend to acquire such a tool for your car, there are a few things you need to look at, it will make life easier for you when installing future updates.

  • Don’t just rely on prices, as your focus on support is imperative.
  • See if the updates are offered for free or if they are integrated with a paid subscription.
  • Be vigilant regarding the operating mode for distribution, whether it is purchasing on the Internet or making it available via the tool.

It is advisable to select products designed and managed in the USA, so you have maintenance at your disposal and the hotline, even if it is not very responsive, can still provide you with information when you have difficulties. It’s always nice to have a listen, but some forums can help you too.


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