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What Software Should You Use For BMW Coding?

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What Software Should You Use For BMW Coding?

BMW coding software

There are many BMW coding software available designed for specific functions and vehicle models. It can be confusing sometimes on which software should you use. In this blog post, we’re going to help you identify the BMW software best suited to your needs.


BMW had released a number of manuals and tools that contain vehicle information and functionalities crucial for BMW coding. 

1. TIS

Technical Information System or TIS contains vital technical information on BMW car maintenance and repair. BMW TIS can provide you with troubleshooting procedures, symptoms of malfunctions, geometry, adjustment and installation dimensions, and much other vital information about your vehicle. You can access the BMW TIS for a flat fee here.   

2. ETK

BMW ETK will help you find and identify the correct parts for your vehicle. It is BMW’s Electronic Parts Catalog that contains documentation of part numbers and their approximate prices. You can access the BMW ETK here. 


EDIABAS was designed by BMW as an Electronic Diagnosis and Information computer protocol. It is used to communicate with most factory-level software developed for BMW – such as INPA, NCS Expert, and WINKFP. These factory-level software tools need to communicate with EDIABAS first before diagnosing, coding, or flashing a BMW vehicle.   

These tools come in handy when doing some coding work:

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Factory-level BMW software programs are the software tools developed by BMW meant for diagnostics, coding, and programming of the vehicles produced in their factory lines. These BMW software tools should only be used by people with advanced technical knowledge of the BMW system. Most of these software programs are written in the original German language. These are powerful tools that can brick a car if used incorrectly.

 1. INPA  

The BMW INPA is an interpreter software for test procedures used in the older factory floors of BMW. It is used with EDIABAS to read/write trouble codes, access live data, and test vehicle module function. INPA is mainly for diagnostics and cannot do any coding procedures. Most INPA software versions are available in the German language and there are no user-friendly handbook guides available on how to properly use the software. 

2.  NCS Expert/NCS Dummy

The NCS Expert software is used to read and write new configurations into your BMW modules. It requires EDIABAS to communicate with your vehicle and allows dozens of coding options for each module. The NCS Expert software can download the ECU parameters of your vehicle using a trace file. This trace file can be manually edited to apply the coding changes that you need. NCS Expert is rather tricky to use as the parameters used in the trace file are in German. This is a good tool to use if you wish to add some European functionality to your car – such as the Comfort Close function that is commonly found on European BMW cars.

The NCS Dummy is a software tool partnered with NCS Expert. NCS Dummy makes it easier and safer to use the NCS Expert software. With NCS Dummy, users will no longer go through the high-risk process of manually editing the trace files. The NCS Dummy can also disassemble and assemble NCS Expert data files and can translate many of the German parameters to English.    

3. Tool32

The BMW Tool32 software can do multiple jobs. It allows users to read fault memory, apply personal settings, reset service, access modules, etc. It can also be used for coding. Basically, Tool32 is like a swiss army knife of BMW software.  

4. WinKFP

The WinKFP software is a tool used mainly for flashing or programming E-chassis BMW models. It can be used to flash control modules, update various modules, and diagnose certain functionalities of your vehicle. 


The dealer-level BMW software tools are easier to use compared to the factory-level software. These are the type of software programs normally used by your local BMW dealership. Although user-friendly, these software tools may cause serious harm to your vehicle if used incorrectly. 


The BMW ISTA/D software is often interchangeably called Rheingold or ISTA+. It is a BMW software primarily used for E-Series and F-Series BMW models. It can diagnose almost all known BMW models. It can also be used for flashing or programming F-Series, I-Series, G-Series, and Minis. The only exception that the software can’t be used for programming is on E-Series BMW models. The ISTA/D software requires the ICOM interface to communicate with your vehicle. For diagnostics, it can be used for troubleshooting, vehicle management and identification, repair and maintenance guide, and software repair. For programming or flashing, it can be used for retrofits and conversions, software updates, and control unit replacement.  


The BMW ISTA/P software has similar functionalities as the ISTA/D software. The main difference is that the ISTA/P software is primarily used for diagnosing and programming E-Series BMW models. Just like ISTA/D, the ISTA/P also requires the ICOM interface in order to communicate with your vehicle. With the tool, you’ll be able to read and delete memory errors, diagnose, calibrate, and flash your vehicle’s control modules. You will need an ICOM A, B, and C in order to cover all the E-Series BMW models produced since June 2001. An ENET or K+DCAN adapter cable can also be paired with the ISTA/P software. 

3. DIS/DISv44/DISplus

The BMW DIS software is an old diagnostic software originally developed for BMW dealers using the GT1 system in 1994. The original DIS software has since been replaced by the ISTA/D software. 

DIS v44 or EasyDIS is an improved version of the DIS software that is easier to use than the original software. The original DIS software runs on a UNIX interface. The DIS v44 allows it to make easier configuration and installation of the DIS software on a UNIX virtual machine. The software parameters are now written in English so it’s easier to follow and utilize. It is built for the E39-era models. You can use it for coding and programming, retrofitting and installing new modules, and many other modern functionalities.   

The DISplus is the updated version of the DIS software. It is the successor to the original DIS software, developed as a technical upgrade from the original version meant to cater to the needs of the new generation of BMW models. It offers the same functionalities as the original version, such as coding and programming, diagnostics, Technical Information System (TIS), and measurement techniques. It is built with network capabilities and Internet browser and multimedia compatibilities.

4. Progman

Progman is short for “Programming Manager”. It is developed to cover a specific set of hardware configurations, known as SSS or SSSr2. This system allows the Progman software to perform software updates for a maximum of five vehicles at a time. It can update the entire system, including over 25 sub-systems of the BMW vehicle. Progman is an older BMW software and since has been replaced by the ISTA/P software.   

5.  E-sys

The BMW E-sys is a coding software developed for F-series and G-series BMW models. With the tool, you will be able to enable or disable a number of features in your BMW F-Series or G-Series vehicle. You can display engine output and torque meter, lock unlock sound confirmation, open the voice recognition function, turn off the engine start-stop function, and many other functionalities. 

6. BMW Coding Tool

The BMW Coding Tool is mainly used for updating the SP-Daten files of BMW vehicles. SP-Daten Files are the ECU coding and diagnostic files of your BMW vehicle that are required by a number of BMW software, such as INPA, Tool32, NCS Expert, WinKFP, to perform coding, programming, or diagnostic procedures. The BMW Coding Tool makes it easier and safer to update SP-Daten files. It automates the entire process compared to the original process of manually copying and pasting each SP-Daten file.     

7. PSdZData

The PSdZData is a data pack that contains the ECU Data Files required in E-sys software in order to perform code, flash, and update the firmware of the electronic control units of a BMW vehicle. It is mainly used for coding F-Series and G-Series BMW models. 

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