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Where to Download the BMW Standard Tools for Free?

BMW Car Diagnostics User Guides

Where to Download the BMW Standard Tools for Free?

BMW Standard Tools

BMW coding and flashing require certain software and tools in order to execute the proper procedures. The BMW Standard Tools is a software package mainly recommended when you are looking for tools and software to get you started. The best thing about it is that it’s free and easily available online to download. In this post, we are going to share with you the links where you can download the BMW Standard Tools for free.

What is the BMW Standard Tools?

The BMW Standard Tools is a software suite composed of the basic software and drivers needed for BMW coding and flashing. Included in the BMW Standard Tools are the essential software tools that everyone should have and should be familiar with if you are interested in coding or flashing your BMW vehicle.  

What’s Included in the BMW Standard Tools?

There are various versions of BMW Standard Tools online, so the software and tools included may slightly vary depending on the version. These are the software and tools that are commonly included in the suite:


INPA is one of the earlier versions of test procedure interpreter software used in the older BMW factory floors. It is commonly paired with EDIABAS in order to do diagnostic procedures like access live data,  read/write trouble codes, and test vehicle module function.    


EDIABAS is a computer protocol designed by BMW and used for communicating with most BMW factory-level software. Factory-level BMW software, such as INPA, NCS Expert, WINKFP, etc, will require communicating with EDIABAS in order to do diagnostics, coding, or flashing functions on a BMW vehicle.  

3. Bluetooth Activation Tool

The Bluetooth Activation Tools is a tool that allows you to configure a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work with the BMW Standard Tools. This is useful if you plan to use a Bluetooth device for coding.

4. BMW Coding Tool

The BMW Coding Tool allows users to update the SP-DATEN files of their BMW faster and safer. The tool automates the process of updating the SP-DATEN files instead of manually copying and pasting each SP-Daten file.  

5. Integrated SP-DATEN

The SP-DATEN files are the ECU diagnostic and coding files of a BMW vehicle. It is needed to perform diagnostic, coding, and flashing procedures when using INPA, NCS Expert,  WinKFP, Tool32, and other BMW software.   

6. FindECU

FindECU is a search tool that assists you in searching for the SP-DATEN files of your BMW vehicle.

7. WinKFP

WinKFP is a software that can execute diagnostic functions, update modules, and flash the control modules. It is primarily used for programming or flashing E-chassis BMW vehicles.

8. NcsExpert

The NcsExpert is a software tool that enables a number of coding configurations on each BMW module. It is paired with EDIABAS to communicate and read/write new configurations on your BMW modules. The NcsExpert is commonly used for coding European BMW functionalities in your vehicle – like the Comfort Close feature found in most BMWs manufactured for the European market.

9. NcsDummy

The NcsDummy is a software that is paired with NcsExpert. It is a tool that makes it easier and safer for the NcsExpert software to use. The NcsDummy can translate most of the German parameters to English and automizes the process of editing the trace files. The trace files are normally edited manually using NcsExpert when applying coding changes. This manual process is often a high-risk procedure that may cause harm to your vehicle if interrupted or done incorrectly.     

10. Tool32

Tool32 is considered the swiss army knife of BMW software for it can do a multitude of things. It can do coding procedures, access modules, reset service, configure personal settings, read fault memory, and many more.

BMW Standard Tools Download Links

You can download different versions of the BMW Standard Tools online. Here are the links available online where you can download it for free.

1. Bimmerfest
2. BimmerGeeks
3. MediaFire
4. Mega File

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